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Laugavegur on Iceland - Path of Ice and Hot Springs

5-day-Trekking from Landmannalaugar in the Highlands to Skógar on the South coast

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1. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker
2. Hrafntinnusker - Álftavatn
3. Álftavatn - Emstrur
4. Emstrur - Ţórsmörk
5. Ţórsmörk - Skógar

5th Leg (23km, +950m/-1150m)
The section from Ţórsmörk to Skógar is not part of the official long distance path Laugavegur but it is the consistent continuation to the South coast. This final leg is signposted as well as the previous four. Most guides present it as a two-day-walk with an overnight stay at Fimmvörđuskáli. Arduous walker will have no problems to cover the distance in one long day.
The steep ascent to the pass leads through an unspoiled fairytale landscape with green gorges and sharp ridges, big waterfalls and looming glacial tongues. The mountain pass is crossed via a moon like plain before gently descending to the coast line, alongside the series of Skóga waterfalls. The final leg makes the grandiose climax of a superb 5-day-walk.
In Skógar you are back into civilisation including Youth Hostel, comfy hotels and daily bus to Reykjavik.

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The river Krossá can't be forded by foot. But even at the end of the bridge one often gets wet feet.

View goes South to the pass height which will be crossed today. 

Water and hills:

The wide glacial river Krossá dominates the valley of Langadal.

Playing safe:

The ford is dangerous also for cars and buses. Here the warden tractor leads a bus of school children across the stream.

Too much risk:

Even big jeeps are sometimes  overstrained by Icelandic roads.


With the first heights done the walker enjoys the view of Langidal and river Krossá.


Some short parts on narrow ridges ask for a head for heights. In strong gales it is recommended to postpone the walk until a calmer day.

Higher and higher:

No doubt today's stretch is the most strenuous of all the path - and the most technical one.

Ice faces:

From low clouds icy tongues loom down to the passing walker.

Clear sign:

You only can get lost in very thick fog. The path across the plain Morinsheiđi is signposted every few yards.


"God's country" is the name, and you will obviously notice the reason.

Climber's help:

The steep ascent to Heljakambur is helped by installed chains.

Hell of ice:

Heljakambur means Hell's Ridge and you really will get the impression to look down to a gorge of horror.


Without the guiding plugs one would soon be in need of a compass.

Almost top:

The walker has crossed the high plain of Morinsheiđi (834m), the short Hell's Ridge doesn't stand out significantly.

Cold and wet (again):

At the pass of Fimmvörđuháls (1.100m) the weather fits to the atmosphere caused by the landscape.


The hut Fimmvörđuskáli maintained by the rambling club Utivist sleeps 25 and offers a fully equipped kitchen. Most times there is no warden present.

Last snow patches:

Often a glassy ice field hinders a speedy finish before the hut gets into sight. A broad jeep track leads up to there from Skógar. The rest of the walk is fairly easy and clear.


Dark clouds can no more harm us. It's an easy stroll downwards to the ocean.

Stairs of water:

The floods of the river Skóga find  their way down and offer breathtaking falls again and again. The walker's trail follows its banks and is more attractive than the jeep track.

Gorge views:

One river and a lot of falls.

Ever changing:

Sputtering waters tempt more detours.

Like painted:

Sunshine causes colours.


Falls Finish:

The last and biggest fall is the famous Skógafoss.





Easy to get to from the village of Skógar.



Seljalandsfoss is another fall, a few miles West, offering an exciting feature. A path can be walked behind the water curtain.



The End

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