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Laugavegur on Iceland - Path of Ice and Hot Springs

5-day-Trekking from Landmannalaugar in the Highlands to Skˇgar on the South coast

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1. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker
2. Hrafntinnusker - ┴lftavatn
3. ┴lftavatn - Emstrur
4. Emstrur - ١rsm÷rk
5. ١rsm÷rk - Skˇgar

3rd Leg (15km, +150m/-190m)
Today a bit more of distance is covered, but it's mostly flat. Two icy streams have to be forded. Then the Emstrur field of lava is to be crossed. No real obstacle - unless it is a stormy day. In a strong gale it can be impossible to carry on when the lava sand works like grit blasting with a power that tears your high tech outdoor cloths to tatters.

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Wet start:

Shortly after leaving the hut your first wade is to be done. The stream which leaves Lake ┴lftavatn is only one foot deep and helps to wake up.


Just a few yards on the crossed stream holds a lot more water.


2 huts of the hiking club offer accommodation. It's a reliable alternative in case └lftavatn is already fully booked. The campground is green and protected against the wind.

Well signposted:

You won't get lost in Hvanngil.


The landscape seems to be created for fantasy stories.


Jeep drivers get final instructions before crossing the river.


It's only knee deep but the strong current pulls at your calves. And it's very cold!

Black desert:

Signposts lead the walkers safely through the plain.


Walkers appreciate using the bridge. Otherwise the glacial river  Innri-Emstruß would be a main obstacle.

Grey and cold:

The water smells of sulfur. It's an adventure for all of your senses.

Finish of the day:

Not far yet: Just behind the mountain Botnar our hut is placed.


Viewing the Northern flanks of Botnar, as seen at an afternoon stroll to Stˇra-Mˇfell.


A must to see: The gorge of  Markarfljˇtsglj˙fur is only a short walk from the hut.

Deep sight:

The georg is up to 180m deep.

History of earth:

Geologists will be thrilled but also the layperson is amazed.

Green oasis:

Sheltered and almost idyllic the hut of  Emstrur is situated.


Outside the gale is storming, we are not allowed to walk on!
Everybody is waiting for the next forecast. Then we can go on - but only joined to groups.



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4. Emstrur - ١rsm÷rk

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