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Laugavegur on Iceland - Path of Ice and Hot Springs

5-day-Trekking from Landmannalaugar in the Highlands to Skˇgar on the South coast

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1. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker
2. Hrafntinnusker - ┴lftavatn
3. ┴lftavatn - Emstrur
4. Emstrur - ١rsm÷rk
5. ١rsm÷rk - Skˇgar

2nd Leg (12km, -490m)
First half of this leg leads up to the plateau passing more colourful rhyolite hills. Yet the path is still demanding due to countless narrow stream valleys one has to cross by numerous downs and ups. After 6km the landscape suddenly changes, the walker's view meets a flat, green plain with single volcanic cones. No more hot springs, but glacial streams showing strong currents. Steeply the path descends and shortly before arriving at the day's destination one has to cross a brook without any problems.

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Beside the hut of Hrafntinnusker hot springs are steaming, serving for the house to be heated.

Snow remants:

Again and again the walker has to cross fields of snow.

Weak bridge:

Often the brooks are covered by old snow.


Soon we are leaving the rhyolite country.

Valley option:

Two walkers are making their way along the usual valley route. Steady weather provided experienced trekkers can opt for the higher alternative along the Reykjavj÷ll ridge.

Down and up:

Again and again narrow valleys have to be overcome. Be careful when walking on snowy bridges especially later in the day when the snow has got soft.


In between there is always time to relax on easy ridges.

Changed scenery:

Walkers descend to the day's end, lake ┴lftavatn, with the view onto a completely changed landscape.

The mighty volcanic cone Botnar
will be passed on the right tomorrow.

End in sight:

The huts of └lftavatn are situated at the left front banks of the lake.

Sparkling in the foreground is the brook Grashagakvisl which we have to ford in a few minutes.

Almost half way:

Since the start at Landmannalaugar we have covered 21km, with 30km still to come until ١rsm÷rk.

Peak trip:

An afternoon stroll leads up to the top of Bratthßls, a black ridge offering breathtaking views.

Green country:

Behind the dominating mountain  Stˇrasˇla our path goes on further South.



The glacial stream Bratthßlskvisl strongly finds its way through the green plain.

Feet Wash:

A spontaneous walk suddenly ends at a river's bank inevitably, there is only one choice as long as one doesn't want to turn back.

New accommodation:

F.═. now offers 2 huts at ┴lftavatn, sleeping 58 persons in total.





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3. ┴lftavatn - Emstrur

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