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Laugavegur on Iceland - Path of Ice and Hot Springs

5-day-Trekking from Landmannalaugar in the Highlands to Skógar on the South coast

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1. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker
2. Hrafntinnusker - Álftavatn
3. Álftavatn - Emstrur
4. Emstrur - Ţórsmörk
5. Ţórsmörk - Skógar

4th Leg (15km, +300m/-600m)
On this section we leave the barren highland and reach the green woods of the Ţórsmörk region. The path shows no technical demands except one. Shortly before the end of the leg the torrential glacial river Pröngá has to be crossed - it's the biggest obstacle of the long distance walk. After wet days the river swells to a walker's hip and can be impossible to ford. Even with normal water level the crossing requires bravery and resolution.

At Ţórsmörk the long distance path called Laugavegur ends. You will find 2 huts offering accommodation, there are chalets and campgrounds, a café and a shop. The bus shuttles to Reykjavik daily.
The walk's logical continuation to Skógar on the South coast officially is a separate path.

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Colour frame:

We are walking at end of August.
A very wet day awaits us.


The glacial river Fremri-Emstruá cuts its way along a narrow canyon.



Easy crossing:

A solid bridge makes a safe way to other side.


Reascent on the other side is done without problems.

Duck your head:

Gale and rain are our companions all the day We are heading South but it's not really warm.


Bizarre mountain ridges can be spotted under low clouds.

Nature Maze:

The very well signposted path winds its way through volcanic landscape.

Trial of courage:

The river Pröngá awaits the walker with the most demanding crossing of the whole route. Normally it's knee deep but always has very strong currents. After rain or thaw the level can be much higher.

Do not cross on your own. Go in a group beside each other and hold around your neighbour's shoulder. Face downstream. Open your rucksack straps. Do not look down to the floods. Do not go barefoot.
The wider the river, the more shallow it is.
In bends the outer side is much deeper and current stronger.

Lush green:

Ţórsmörk is Iceland's most popular place for weekend trips. Nowhere can be found more woodland than here. The mild local climate enables the development of ample birch woods.


The F.Í. hut sleeps 75, has a big lounge and two kitchens. A campground is behind the house.

Langidalur is best situated for walkers who want to continue to Skógar the following morning.

Húsaladur consists of 3 huts and further chalets, operated by the bus company Reykjavik Excursions. It is more convenient for the bus connection and boasts by a café and a shop.

Always busy:

The big hut at Langidalur on the river Krossá is visited by groups of school classes frequently.

The hut's name is "Skagfjörđsskáli".

Information board:

The area of Ţórsmörk has a lot of nature attractions waiting for the walker. You won't find any boring moments in a week of walking.




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5. Ţórsmörk - Skógar

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