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Laugavegur on Iceland - Path of Ice and Hot Springs

5-day-Trekking from Landmannalaugar in the Highlands to Skˇgar on the South coast

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1. Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker
2. Hrafntinnusker - ┴lftavatn
3. ┴lftavatn - Emstrur
4. Emstrur - ١rsm÷rk
5. ١rsm÷rk - Skˇgar

1st  Leg  (12km, +600/-150m)
Passing the mighty rhyolite mountain "Brennisteinsalda" the path climbs between steaming sulphur springs. After 3 hours of walking the hot springs of Stˇrihver are reached. On most days the first miles are characterised by the changing weather. With increasing height it gets cold, more wet and windy.
Even in summer snow storms are not rare. Navigating to cross the highland plateau can be tricky and dangerous. However, In good visibility the walk is safe and enjoyable. Just after passing the highest point (1,100m) the lonely hut of Hrafntinnusker suddenly gets into view.

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Daily the bus goes from Reykjavik to Landmannalaugar, but only during the short summer season from mid June to end of September.

The scheduled time is 4 hours, but be aware of always possible variances. Even in summer it can get impossible to ford the rivers.

The bus shown here didn't go far - it stopped due to a engine breakdown.




A first afternoon stroll from  Landmannalaugar up the black mountain Blßhn˙kur (940m) enables to view the surroundings of tomorrow's first leg. 

Sandy cone:

The george of GrŠnagil represents all the typical colours and forms of the local landscape.

Fountain valley:

In GrŠnagil the water easily forms the ground.


The hut (580m) is run by the Icelandic walking institution F.I.
There is also a campground and a private cafÚ and shop.

Well equipped:

Guests may use the kitchen's equipment as the need. However, dishes and cleaning are their duty, too.

The photo was taken after everyone had had their breakfast. It was very crowded! The hut accommodates 78 persons, it was fully booked.
In late evening a wet and freezing single walker asked for a place - he was refused without any pity. Pre-booking is essential. You can do it via email.
By the way - don't forget to bring your provisions.

Cold and airy:

Spoilt European townspeople can't really understand why the bathrooms always are built with drafty ventilation and can only be reached by crossing the open court.


It is your only chance before ١rsm÷rk to buy provisions. And you can even order a cream tea.

Hot Pool:

The natur highland spa invites to have a comfortable bath. Hot water is always ready. But you will get cold when walking 300 yards back to the hut.

The Start:

Now we are off! The discounter's umbrella did not survive the first day of walking!


Rain enforces the colours of Brennisteinsalda (855m). Left of the hillside the trek passes the mountain.

Rolling Hills:

With easy ascends and entertaining views the the trek goes on. This is the view back to Landmannalaugar.

Cloud area:

Fog and rain mixes up with steam of hot springs.

Snowy crossing:

Always be aware of the weather risks! Caught by a snow storm you will be in danger to lose orientation. The path is marked every 50 meters but you might not be able to see the next one. There have been fatalities like walkers who freezed to death in July!

Lonely Home:

The F.═. hut of Hrafntinnusker is situated in a hostile surrounding at   1,027m. Don't expect the weather to be fine. Also temperatures won't be comfortable.

Tough walkers will be able to walk on to the next hut at ┴lftavatn.
But you will miss the visit of the nearby icecaves of ═shellir which can be found within half an hour.
There is also the worthwile view point on top of S÷­ull mountain just 20 minutes away.



Everybody's bedroom also is everybody's living room. There is another flat for 36 people overall. 


After a 30-min-walk you arrive at the ice caves and gasp at the 60 meters of a glacier, with hot springs right at its feet.

Don't move below the icy roofs. You won't be the first one to be buried here.

Boiling grounds:

As far as you can view, everywhere the boiling hot water is steaming in the air.


Cold tongue:

This is how summer appears in Iceland.

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2. Hrafntinnusker - ┴lftavatn

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